Government delegation hails Aleppo University role in building educated generation

Aleppo, SANA – Rector of Aleppo University, Mustafa Afyouni, underlined the great support provided by the government to the university, noting that the number of students has increased in comparison to the previous years and reached 120,000 students distributed to 19 faculties and 10 high and technical institutes.

Speaking to the government delegation members, headed by Prime Minister, Imad Khamis, during their visit to Aleppo University, on Sunday, Afyouni , stressed the university’s determination to ensure the continuity of educational process and meet the students’ requirements despite the shortage in teaching staff and technical cadres.

Aleppo University board members, faculty deans and professors called for issuing new laws, regulations and procedures that encourage students to return and complete their studies, in addition to developing labs and scientific research classes and supplying them with the latest state-of-the-art lab equipment.

Members of the delegation were briefed on difficulties and challenges facing students, teaching staff and the educational process in the university.

Premier Khamis called for improving the university board’s work mechanism since it is the core for educating students and setting up an appropriate strategy to rebuild new generation of students equipped with all skills, tools, values and knowledge needed.

He underlined the importance for all educational institutions to crystallize a clear vision for boosting human resources, preserving a strong infrastructure and focusing on scientific research.

Khamis said that a schedule has been set to rebuild Aleppo according to priorities and available resources.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to unite efforts of all ministries, institutions, organizations and parties concerned to build a healthier society.

For his part, Minister of Higher Education Atef al-Naddaf highlighted the ministry’s plans to upgrade the level of higher education in all Syrian universities and institutes, including Aleppo University.



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