2nd Businessmen Forum calls for providing facilitations for businessmen willing to invest in Syria

Damascus, SANA-Participants in the 2nd Businessmen Forum called for establishing an advanced society in domains of economy and investment, and for providing the required facilitations for businessmen who are willing to launch investments in Syria.

Concluding its activities on Sunday evening, the form also called for setting tourist and educational investment programs and investment maps in all sectors in a way that would allow investors to choose what suits them.

The Forum was organized by Orfali Group for Consultations and Training in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade and Ministry of Tourism.

On the second day of the Forum, the Syrian Investment Commission proposed a number of available investment opportunities in Syria, particularly developmental projects.

A number of businessmen also presented documentary films on their companies which are working in Syria, calling upon other Syrian businessmen, particularly the expatriates, to make more investments in Syria in the next stage.

The businessmen also called for attracting and encouraging Arab and foreign businessmen to make more investments in Syria to contribute to the reconstruction stage.

The forum started activities at the Damascus-based Sheraton Hotel on Saturday. It included lectures on the law of partnership and investment and the difference between them and how businessmen can benefit from them in addition to workshops about investment projects submitted by the government to be discussed and studied.

R. Jazaeri/Ghossoun

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