Mufti Hassoun:  We triumphed over terrorism and will start intellectual, cultural and spiritual battle

Tehran, SANA – Grand Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, has stressed that Syria and Iraq triumphed over terrorism, adding that the intellectual, cultural and spiritual battle will start following this military victory.

In his speech at the 31st Islamic Unity Conference which kicked off in Tehran on Tuesday, Hassoun added that Syria, with its people, army and leadership triumphed over terrorism and today it is extending its hand to embrace all its sons through reconciliations in all areas.

“ Terrorism targets all the Muslims without any exception and it didn’t distinguish among the Muslims neither in Syria, nor in Egypt or anywhere else,” the Grand Mufti elaborated.

“ Damascus is the pillar of Islam,” Hassoun said, adding that the conference aims at reunifying the hearts with faith.

The Grand Mufti reiterated that the Palestinian Cause and al-Quds will ever remain the compass of all Muslims, asserting that all what had happened in the Arab countries, mainly in Yemen and Bahrain, is for the sake of liquidating the Palestinian cause.

He hailed Iran’s standing by Syria, at a time when some people in the Islamic countries asked the US  to attack Syria in 2013.

In turn, Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani ,said that fighting terrorism will continue till uprooting it.

The Iranian President expressed trust that Syria will be completely liberated from terrorism as it will dismiss the foreign forces from its land and start rebuilding.

Rouhani hailed the Syrian people’s resilience and their army’s sacrifices in clearing the largest part of the country of terrorism backed by Iran, Lebanese Hezbollah Party and the friendly countries.

He noted that the bases and pillars of terrorism and all projects planned by the arrogant powers and Zionism were dropped.

Rouhani reiterated that liberation of Palestine will remain the goal of all Muslims.

Earlier, activities of the 31st Islamic Unity Conference kicked off in the Iranian Capital of Tehran under the title of “Unity and Requirements of Modern Islamic Civilization”.

Grand Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, and Syria’s Ambassador in Tehran, Dr. Adnan Mahmoud, participate in the3-day conference, in addition to more than 500 Islamic intellectuals from 70 countries.

Participants in the conference will discuss characteristics of the modern Islamic civilization, the necessity of reviving this civilization, the role of major religious institutions, universities and academic research centers in building this renewable civilization, and getting acquainted with the obstacles that hinder the spreading of this civilization and means of facing them.

H. Zain/ Ghossoun

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