Italian parliamentary delegation visits Aleppo city

Aleppo, SANA – Members of the Italian parliamentary delegation visiting Aleppo expressed deep grief and sorrow over the destruction of Aleppo at the hands of armed terrorist groups, especially the ancient souk in the old city.

The delegation members toured the Great Umayyad Mosque, Aleppo Citadel, the ancient souk and inspected the huge damage caused to residential neighborhoods, service facilities and archeological monuments and ruins due to terrorist attacks.

In a statement to SANA reporter, Head of the Italian parliamentary delegation, Paolo Romani, said that the majority of the Italian people do not know the reality of what is taking place in Syria since they watch news circulated by western media outlets which do not convey the situation as it is on the ground.

He expressed optimism over the Syrian people’s ability and determination to rebuild their country, stressing that the main aim of the visit is to inspect the situation in Aleppo and convey the real image to the Italian people, in addition to reactivating the Syrian-Italian diplomatic relations.

Other delegation members noted that the visit to Aleppo is meant to express support and solidarity with the Syrian people, hoping that Italy will have a positive role in the reconstruction of Syria.

The delegation also visited the center of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch in Aleppo and was briefed by the SARC staff on the efforts exerted to help terror-affected families and provide them with their needs, not to mention their contribution to the humanitarian relief efforts to alleviate the suffering of civilians.

The tour included Aleppo University Hospital where they inspected the emergency and medical services provided to citizens and al-Furqan School.

R.Raslan /Ghossoun


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