Prime Minister visits SANA: National media is a media of a victorious state

Damascus, SANA- Prime Minister Imad Khamis visited on Monday the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) HQ, meeting the editors in different sections and listening to some problems and obstacles that face the work of journalists.

The work visit aims to improve the media task and enhance cooperation between the government’s institutions and the official media outlets.

Touring SANA’s various departments, Premier Khamis was briefed by SANA staff, in details, on the problems, obstacles and the journalists’ suffering from communicating with a number of government institutions and ministries to get the required information, and the need for providing all the necessary techniques and equipment for a rapid news in a way that positively reflects the performance and commitment of honesty and professionalism through a team work among all the state institutions.

“Our national media is a media of a victorious state, and this strong media, which has proved its professionalism during war, will remain elegant and this elegance will be consolidated through a team work among the state’s institutions,” Khamis said in a statement.

He instructed information Minister, Mohammad Ramez Tourjman, to communicate with the Ministries to cooperate with SANA’s journalists to get information in an easiest way and serve the media message.

For his part, Information Minister said that today’s tour comes within the framework of the government’s interest and care about media and its important role in the war against terrorism, pointing out to the need for developing media performance.

SANA’s Director, Ahmad Dawa, briefed Premier Khamis on the work mechanism of the agency in all departments, and the exerted efforts to overcome the obstacles within the possible capabilities.


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