Mayyaleh: Participatory law will make significant change to investment sector in Syria

Damascus, SANA – The Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade organized an introductory symposium on participatory work law no. 5 for 2016 with focus laid on participatory projects between public and private sectors, particularly services and infrastructures, the rights of workers and the need to restructure some public institutions in order to improve its performance.

Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Adib Mayyaleh stressed the government’s keenness on activating cooperation between public and private sectors and promoting economic progress through launching joint projects and increasing job opportunities.

He noted that participatory does not mean privatization of state-owned properties rather it means to create new channels to redirect government capital expenditure to investment activities and development projects.

The minister said that the law will make significant change to investment sector in Syria, not to mention the privileges and benefits which serve the interest of national economy.

Mayyaleh underlined the private sector’s role as a partner in protecting the national economy, contributing to the rebuilding of Syria and upgrading the development process.

Chairman of the International Planning and Cooperation Commission Imad Sabouni presented a detailed explanation on the general concepts and contract terms according to the law.

The symposium was held at al-Basel auditorium of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Damascus University.

R.Raslan / Ghossoun

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