Bogdanov: Russia hopes “Syrian opposition” to form unified delegation for Geneva talks

Moscow, SANA – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov expressed his country’s hope that the Syrian opposition will form a unified delegation to the Geneva talks.

In a press statement quoted by Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency, Bogdanov said: ” Moscow hopes that the Syrian opposition will form a unified delegation for the Geneva talks because everybody has come to Geneva for implementing the UNSC Resolution No. 2254 in the end,”

He added “The goal is common, clear and intelligible yet each delegation has some particular differences with regards to interpreting this Resolution”, pointing out to the necessity of the participation of the Syrian Kurds in Geneva talks.

Moreover, Bogdanov stressed that Russia is in a daily contact with the Syrian government to discuss several issues.

On Thursday, the fourth round of the intra-Syrian dialogue started in Geneva with the participation of the Syrian Arab Republic’s delegation and delegations of the opposition.

R.Milhem /Ghossoun

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