Belgian parliamentary delegation arrives in Syria

Damascus Countryside, SANA – Member of Belgium’s Federal Parliament Filip Dewinter, who is heading a parliamentary delegation on a visit to Syria, said the visit aims at inspecting the situation in the country and providing support to the Syrian people as they are facing the current crisis.

In a press statement upon the delegation’s arrival at Jdeidet Yabous crossing point on the Syrian-Lebanese borders, Dewinter said the delegation will meet a number of officials and civil society figures to exchange views on the circumstances of the crisis in Syria.

The delegation members pointed out that they will try to convoy the Syrians’ message to the European people when they are back in their country, noting that the Europeans have become convinced that the events in the region will reflect negatively on Europe unless everybody come together to face them and solve them.

The highlighted the need to “look for a better European role.”

Shaza/H. Said

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