Foreign Ministry: Syrian people pay no heed to the crocodile tears of the Gulf-British Summit

Damascus, SANA – An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry lashed out at some Gulf states for lacking independent decision and acting like tools in the conspiracy against Syria.

In comments on the statement issued by the Gulf-British Summit and the stance it included on Syria, the source said “The Gulf states do not own their decision and lack the slightest sort of independent political strategy and only know how to act like mere tools spending the money of their people for conspiring against Syria.”

“That’s why these states have invited Britain’s Prime Minister to be their shield because they are afraid of what the US President-elect Donald Trump has threatened,” the source added.

As for Britain, the Foreign Ministry source said after leaving the European Union, Britain is trying to seize the opportunity of the absent U.S. role at this stage to “restore the glories of its empire” and exploit the sense of defeat and weakness of the Gulf sheikhs to “blackmail them into getting more of their fortunes,” practicing the ugliest forms of hypocrisy and sacrificing all the principles it claims to uphold.

The source concluded its comments by saying that the Syrian people and its brave army, who are making successive victories against the takfiri terrorist organizations and their regional and international backers, pay no heed to the crocodile tears shed by the hypocrite advocates of fake democracy and their agents in the Gulf.

These tears, the source added, are regarded by the Syrian people as tears of defeat and frustration with Syria’s victory over the conspiratorial project targeting it.

H. Said

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