“Women Consultative Council’ in Geneva call for more efforts to make the political process a success

Geneva, SANA-Members of “the Women Consultative Council” who participate in Geneva talks called on all sides to exert more efforts to make the political process a success.

“Formation of the Council came in response to the Syrian women’s demands to play an active role in the political process and draw the features of Syria’s future,” Members of the Council said at a joint press conference with UN Special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura.

The number of the Council’s members is 12 who come from different political and geographical backgrounds.

They called for an immediate move to lift the economic unfair sanctions imposed on the Syrian people that hinder the delivering of food, medicine and medical equipment.

The Syrian women showed support to the efforts of de Mistura in light of “the common principles” as a starting point for the political process.

“We believe women can form a harmonious state through which all may ignore political considerations in order to reach a Syrian interest as we hope and aspire for a secure, independent and unified Syria,” Diana Jabbour, Member at the Council said.

For his part, de Mistura called for enabling the Syrian women to play a role in Syria’s future.

Mazen Eyon

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