International Youth Forum “Hands off Syria” calls for forming wide anti-terrorism front

Damascus, SANA-Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi said on Wednesday the Syrian media doesn’t aim to convince the West leaders about the reality of events in Syria and the region, but it wants to tell the Arab youth and street “Be aware to not fall in the trap.”


“Solidarity with Syria should not remain theoretical, yet, it should turn into realities, explanations and relaying the real images about events in Syria to the world public opinion,” the Minister said at a session for the International Youth Forum for solidarity with Syria.

On the crisis in Syria, the Minister stressed that the Syrian state is open to the peaceful solution.

Delegations visit Churches and Umayad Mosque

Earlier Wednesday, delegations members met the Patriarchal Vicar of Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East Ephrem Maalouli, at the Mariamite Cathedral in Damascus, who affirmed that the Muslim and Christian Syrians always live in fraternity and amity, saying that this is the secret of their steadfastness.

louqa and Maalouli

“We are in Syria different from other countries in the region and the world because we were and are still  brothers live together and defend our homeland,” Maalouli said.

For his part Bishop, Louqa al-Khouri, General Patriarchal Vicar of the Roman Orthodox Church in Damascus pointed out that Muslim and Christian Syrians are deeply rooted in their land and adhere to their unity and culture.

The delegations’ members asserted their support and solidarity with Syria in the face of the foreign conspiracy hatched against it, highlighting that what is happening in Syria of destroying public and private properties and terrifying the safe citizens at the hands of the terrorist groups represents real war on humanity in all its meanings.

Umayyad Mosque

The Forum delegation also paid a visit to Umayad Mosque in Damascus and were briefed on the history and the events which The mosque has come through.

The Forum calls for preserving Syria’s territorial integrity 

Participants at “International Youth Forum for solidarity with Syria” called for preserving Syria’s territorial integrity, affirming their principled stances against US-Zionist imperialism which led to the humanitarian crises in the world.

The participants affirmed, in a concluding session, the need for combating religious extremism as it represents a real terrorism against nations through igniting sedition and wars.

louqa and Maalouli 1

They stressed that freedom of the nations will be achieved through practicing their democratic right to select their destiny and rejecting any foreign intervention.

Need  for forming wide anti-terrorism front  

Earlier, the participants called for forming a wide front to press the governments they represent to stand against the conspiracy to which Syria is exposed, pointing out to the need for forming “the Arab People’s League” instead of “the Arab US-affiliated regimes’ League.”

At the first session of the forum’s second day, the participants affirmed their support to Syria and its people, referring to the importance of launching international campaigns to lift the unfair economic sanctions on the Syrian people.

Activities of the Forum started Tuesday at Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus.

It was organized by the Revolutionary Youth Union (RYU) under the slogan “Hands Off Syria” with the participation of youth organizations from 20 Arab and foreign countries.

Mazen Eyon/Reem/Barry

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