Russia air force, in cooperation with Syrian air forces destroy 344 targets for ISIS

Moscow, SANA-A military source said on Thursday that the Russian air force, in cooperation with Syrian air forces, carried out one hundred and sixty sorties that destroyed 344 targets for the Islamic state (ISIS) terrorist organization, including 59 command-center, 41 depots, 17 fortified sites and 74 training camps.

The source added that the sorties also destroyed 3 stores for oil, a factory of explosives, a workshop for mortars and 3 stations for treating oil.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Defense Ministry affirmed that the Russian air force will intensify raids against terrorist organization positions, adding the warplanes continue their combatant sorties day and night.

“All Russian aircrafts in Hmeimem airbase are used in combat operations,” Russia Today website quoted Colonel Igor Klimov, spokesman for the Russian Defense ministry as saying in a statement.

The Russian warplanes destroyed nearly 500 tanks loaded with oil for the Islamic State (ISIS).

Qabas/ Mazen

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