President Putin: Russian airstrikes in Syria aim at fighting terrorism

Moscow, SANA – Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the Russian airstrikes in Syria aim primarily at fighting terrorism, adding “no side can intimidate Russia.”

President Putin, meeting representatives from Dagestan’s scientific, cultural and religious organizations in Moscow on Tuesday, President Putin highlighted that no one can intimidate Russia, adding that Moscow is at the same time prepared to cooperate with all sides which have willingness to fight terrorism.

Moscow: Russia’s stance on Syria remains unchanged

In the same context, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that “Russia’s stance on the Syrian settlement remains unchanged “.

Asked about the attempts that have been made by Western media to present things in a way that Russia allegedly changed its stance on Syria,  Zakharova asserted in an interview with  Echo of Moscow radio station that Russia is  going to” curb any attempts by Western media to distort the Russian approach to the Syrian settlement by juggling with quotations.”

Zakharova added “It is fundamentally important for us to preserve the Syrian statehood… All these basic principles have remained unchanged. They are fixed in the Geneva communiqué, the United Nations Security Council documents and the Vienna statement of the Contact Group for Syria adopted on October 30, 2015.”

“Russia, US and Saudi Arabia’s lists of Syrian opposition representatives who could be invited for talks with Damascus partially coincide,” Zakharova clarified.

“The lists partially coincide,” she said, adding that the United States and Saudi Arabia had added some other sides to their lists.

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