Four million students back to schools 2015/2016

Damascus, SANA- Four million school students are due to be back to about 15, 000 schools Sunday, where the new school year starts as of today Sep. 13th 2015 in the country.

The start of the new school year emphasizes Syrian people’s will to face the terrorist war waged against their homeland, Minister of Education Hazwan al-Waz said in a letter posted at the Ministry of Education’s website.

Al-Waz added that the Ministry’s educational cadres care for ensuring the appropriate atmosphere for the students, including the schools vicinities, books and educational means, to make the educational process a success.

The Minister appreciated the sacrifices of the educational cadre, mainly the teachers who spare no efforts to make the educational process continues.

Hailing the Ministry’s insistence on performing its duty towards the students and their families, al-Waz elaborated that the Ministry was able to develop and amend its curricula, rehabilitate a number of teachers and improve the educational performance on all levels, emerging from its belief that the educational cadre is the genuine
supporter of the Syrian Arab Army in defending the homeland.

He reiterated the necessity of understanding the current challenges facing the educational sector in Syria during the crisis, mainly the problem of the students’ density in some classes due to the terrorists’ destruction of scores of schools and the residence of the displaced families in others.

H. Zain/ Barry

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