QSD militia impedes settlement process in al-Sabkha town, Raqqa

Raqqa, SANA – Raqqa Governor Abdul Razzaq Khalifa said that the government has provided all facilities, and procedures at the security and administrative levels for those wishing to settle their legal status at the committee’s headquarter in al-Sabkha town in Raqqa liberated countryside from terrorism.

The US occupation-backed QSD militia has placed a lot of obstacles in the way of those who wish to join the settlement, the governor told SANA reporter in a statement.

The first day of the settlement witnessed hundreds persons to join the settlement process, while the number decreased on the second day due to obstacles and restrictions imposed by QSD militia on them to reach al – Sabkha, the governor explained.

A number of persons, who had their legal status settled, from Raqqa and Deir Ezzor expressed satisfaction over the settlement which enabled them to return their normal lives.

The settlement process of Raqqa ‘s people started on the 12th  of the current month in al-Sabkha town.

Haybah Sleman/Shaza Qreima

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