Mikdad warns of Turkish policies’ future consequences on the region

Damascus countryside, SANA-Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad warned that the policies of the Turkish regime will later harm the unity and territorial integrity of Turkey, blaming it for stirring trouble in the region.

Mikdad’s comments came during his meeting Wednesday with al-Baath Party officials in al-Tal city in Damascus countryside.

Syria condemns the recent incursion of Turkish forces into Idleb province which, he said, is a “blatant aggression against the Syrian sovereignty and safety, and a grave breach of international law.”

Turkey’s conduct is at variance with the commitments it made during Astana talks and the points that have been agreed upon, contrary to the Turkish regime claims,” he added.

Commenting on the situation in Iraq, Mikdad blasted any measures that might undermine the unity of the Arab nation. “Syria utterly rejects any harm that might be done to Iraq’s unity and territorial integrity, and backs the Iraqi government’s steps to keep Iraq a unified and independent country,” he said.

The referendum which took place in northern Iraq serves Israel’s interests and will deflect attention away from the anti-ISIS efforts of the Syrian and Iraqi governments, Mikdad pointed out.

He added that the top priority right now is for the Syrian army to reach Iraqi-Syrian borders and retake al-Badia (desert), referring to US attempts to block the Syrian army’s onward advance.


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