Russian Foreign Ministry: Terrorist explosions at al-Sayyeda Zainab an attempt to derail Syrian-Syrian talks in Geneva

Moscow, SANA- The Russian Foreign Ministry said the terrorist bombings which took place on Sunday at al-Sayyeda Zainab area on the outskirts of Damascus are an attempt to derail the Syrian-Syrian talks in Geneva.

The ministry said in a statement on Monday it is clear that those who plan and carry out such acts are trying to foil the talks between the Syrian sides.

The ministry pointed out that these bloody terrorist acts come against the backdrop of Syrian-Syrian indirect dialogue which began under UN auspices in Geneva on the 29th of January in order to find a political settlement to the crisis, according to UN Security Council Resolution no.2254.

“We are certain that a quick elimination of a terrorism hotbed on the Syrian soil is a priority task in the process of the normalization of the situation both in Syria and in the Middle East in general,” the ministry said.

The ministry expressed deep condolences to the families of victims who died in the terrorist bombings in al-Sayyeda Zainab area and wished the injured a speedy recovery.

More than 50 citizens were killed and over 100 others were injured on Sunday due to the terrorist attacks which hit in Koua Soudan in al-Sayyeda Zainab area in Damascus Countryside.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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