Graduation of more self-protection squads from Aleppo, Quneitra and Lattakia

Provinces, SANA – The second batch of self-protection squads of the people of Quneitra province who are living in Damascus and its countryside graduated on Sunday.

The graduates were trained in carrying out tasks of confronting terrorist attacks, setting up check points, storming into terrorists’ fortified positions and tightening control over restored areas.

The military commander in charge of the training program highlighted the increasing turnout of people from Quneitra to engage in the self-protection squads, which have been initiated upon the desire of enthusiastic people to support the Syrian Arab Army in combating the terrorist organizations and protect their areas against their crimes.

In the same context, the 4th batch of self-protection squads from the coastal province of Lattakia also graduated on Sunday. It included 600 trainees, 100 of them are women.

Earlier on Saturday,  the first batch of self-protection squads in Aleppo, which consisted of hundreds of men and youths from the towns and villages of Aleppo finished their training and were given a graduation ceremony.

The graduated members carried out drills displaying some of the combat skills they acquired during their training.

They asserted their readiness to back up the Syrian army and armed forces in fighting terrorism, calling on province’s locals to join the squads to acquire military expertise and skills to defend the homeland and achieve victory.

Aleppo Governor Mohammad Marwan Ulabi clarified that the graduates’ self and voluntary enthusiasm reiterates their steadfastness and determination to face the terrorist organizations along with the heroes of the Syrian army and all the nobles who defend the homeland until achieving victory.

Hundreds of men and youths from Damascus, Lattakia, Daraa and Homs provinces finished similar training on how to protect their cities, villages and towns from terrorists, in a move to back up the Syrian army and armed forces in fighting terrorism, and to protect the areas decontaminated from terrorists.

Reem/Barry/M. al-Frieh/H. Said

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