Lattakia, WHO discuss establishing a specialized medical center

Lattakia, SANA- Lattakia Governor Ibrahim Kheder al-Salem discussed with World Health Organization (WHO) delegation on Monday means of expanding fields of first aid required for the infected persons who need artificial limbs and physiotherapy in the province which suffers shortage of many services in this domain.

Al-Salem stressed the importance of cooperating with the WHO in this regard and in the psychological and physical rehabilitation, especially for those who are infected with spinal cord injuries.

He expressed the readiness of the governmental bodies to ensure a center for physiotherapy in cooperation with various governmental and private bodies, proposing to establish it at al-Hafa and al-Qardaha hospitals as their position could contribute in supporting the patients psychologically and rehabilitate them again.

For his part, Jerome Kanikov, WHO expert in the field of disability and rehabilitation, said that WHO has accomplished cooperation with Damascus and Homs provinces in this regard, paying especial care for the province of Lattakia.

He cited the big number of meetings held with the Ministries of Health and Higher Education to discuss the required support, mainly in regard to amputation and paralysis, asserting the participation of the WHO would be in the medium term.

Dr. Wael Ismael, Emergency program at the WHO official,in turn, reviewed the big efforts exerted by the organization in supply the health institutions with medicine and technical equipment required for the emergency services for the sick persons.

Dr. Ismael expressed the organization’s desire to cooperate with the relevant governmental bodies, particularly in Lattakia province in the field of boosting and expanding the rehabilitation programs for the patients in the current circumstances.
H. Zain/ Barry

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