Ala: Israeli violations of UN resolutions require prompt deterrent measures

Geneva, SANA – Syria’s Permanent Representative at the United Nations in Geneva Hussam Eddin Ala affirmed that continuous Israeli violations of resolutions issued by the Human Rights Council and the Fourth Geneva Convention require prompt measures to stop them.

In a statement during the Human Rights Council’s session to discuss the 7th item of the Council’s agenda related to the human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and the Syrian Golan, the ambassador said that the discussions of this item are gaining momentum as it reflects the international community’s rejection of the continued Israeli occupation of Arab territories and its conviction that Israel represents a formidable and dangerous violation of human rights.

“In spite of hundreds of UN resolutions related to this issue, Israel continues to violate Palestinian and Syrian human rights and pushes ahead with its repressive practices in Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan,” he added.

Ala indicated that the opposition of some member states to the council’s discussions of this item is an example of collusion and a flagrant practice of double standards, stressing that the Israeli occupation is the source of daily suffering that Palestinians and people of the occupied Syrian Golan are living.

Israel is confiscating lands, stealing water and illegally extracting natural resources in the occupied Syrian Golan and seeking to implement what it calls the “farms project” on vast parts of lands which they seized in Occupied Golan, planning to bring nearly 750 families from abroad to settle there, Ala said.

He stated that occupation authorities continue to violate the Fourth Geneva Convention and the decision of the Human Rights Council No. 28/24 which demands it to refrain from repressive measures that deny the Syrian citizens in the occupied Golan their basic rights.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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