A civilian killed, others injured in terrorist rocket attacks in Daraa

Daraa/Sweida, SANA –  A civilian was killed and others were injured in terrorist rocket attacks on a number of residential neighborhoods in Daraa city on Saturday.

A source in the southern Daraa province told SANA that a rocket shell fired by terrorists smashed into the building of the General Establishment of Drinking Water, leaving a worker dead and causing material damage.

A number of citizens were injured, including women and children, in rocket shells that landed in a number of neighborhoods in the city, the source said.

Terrorist organizations receiving Israeli and Jordanian support have been targeting Daraa city with  hundreds of rocket and mortar shells and gas-cylinder explosive devices over the past 48 hours, killing 9 civilians and injuring dozens of others.

Later on Saturday evening, ISIS terrorists fired four mortar rounds at the outskirts al-Huqof village which is located northeast of Sweida city.

A source at the Police Command told SANA’s correspondent that ISIS terrorists located in al-Qasr village northeast of Sweida city fired four mortar rounds at al-Huqof village, and the four shells landed in the western outskirts of the village without causing any injuries or damage.

The source said that one of the four rounds didn’t explode, and engineering units from the Syrian Arab Army dismantled it safely.

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