Monthly award of SYP 10,000 for Army personnel announced during People’s Assembly session

Damascus, SANA- The People’s Assembly held its second regular session of the 11th regular term on Monday, chaired by Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham and attended by Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi and Cabinet members.

During the session, Speaker al-Laham said that legislative work has been very active during the past three years, with many laws and legislations being passed with the aim of developing legislation in Syria and enhancing the government’s performance, adding “we aspire for more legislative work that meets the needs of the age and the current stage in the country.”

Al-Laham stressed the need to remain in touch with civilians and being aware of their concerns and issues, in addition to focusing on national reconciliation and encouraging dialogue.

He also said that the terrorist war on Syria is going to fail despite all the escalation and increased arming of terrorists and mercenaries, all thanks to the valiant heroics of the Syrian Arab army which is achieving great victories against terrorism on the battlefield.

For his part, Premier al-Halaqi lauded the role of the Assembly members in rallying efforts on local, regional, and international levels to confront terrorism and defend the Syrian state, underlining the complementary nature of the roles played by the legislative and executive institutions in terms of improving the living conditions of citizens and the services provided to them.

He asserted that the Syrian Arab Army’s logistic conditions and morale are in excellent condition, as is the situation on the ground, despite a number of recent setbacks that.

Al-Halaqi announced that a monthly award of SYP 10,000 for the Army and Armed Forces soldiers in active duty will be dispensed as of the beginning of July.

The Prime Minister also asserted that the government is committed to providing citizens’ needs in terms of supplies and services despite the economic sanctions imposed on Syria, as well as providing aid and relief for people affected by the crisis, welcoming the honest efforts exerted by international humanitarian agencies, although he noted that the Syrian government is providing around 70% of all the aid being distributed in Syria.

He also noted that around SYP 20.2 billion was spent to repair damages caused by terrorism to public sector establishment, in addition to 13.5 billion for damages caused to the private sector.

Al-Halaqi asserted that the government is still reacting in a positive manner to all Arab and international initiatives that seek a political solution for the crisis in Syria, and that the government is committed to staying in touch with UN Special Envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura.

He also said that the government is working to improve cooperation with friendly countries, particularly Russia and the other BIRCS countries, Belarus, the DPRK, Armenia, Cuba, and Iran.

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