Syrian artists honored for their national stances

Damascus, (SANA) Al-Assad Library hosted Sunday a celebration under the motto “Syrian Steadfast artists in face of international terrorism” to honor a number of artists including Dureid Laham, Najdat Anzor, Fadia Khatab, Raghda, Shadi Jamil, Ahmad Rafe’e and martyr Yassin Bakoush.

“Those artists bore worries of their society and nation to reflect this situation through different images and they defended their Homeland with dignity,” Assistant Minister of Culture Maher Azar said during the celebration.

For her part, artist Fadia Khatab, affirmed that the artists play an important role during the crisis, adding that Syrian drama was affected by the boycotts from outside, nevertheless, the Syrian artists are determined to continue their national duty.

“This event was held to honor Syrian steadfast artists who have confronted international terrorism,” Haitham Daoudi, Chairman of the Boards of Damascus Volunteer Mosaic Team said.

B. Mousa/ Mazen Eyon

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