Information minister: National sovereignty and popular will are out of discussion

Damascus, SANA, Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi stressed that “National sovereignty and popular will are not issues for discussion or dialogue”, in a reference to the expected Russian hosted consultative meeting among Syrians due to be held later this month.

Minister al-Zoubi told Syrian TV Thursday that the details of the consultative meeting are to be announced by the hosting side, pointing out the ongoing coordination between the two foreign ministries of Syria and Russia on high levels discussing issues and details of the meeting.

“Russia’s invitation is sound and clear and calls for a consultative meeting to prepare for other steps later that may include a Syrian/Syrian dialogue conference, al-Zoubi said, adding that the invitation has no pre-conditions and reflects Russia’s care, as a state, to solve the crisis in Syria.

The minister affirmed that Syria’s approval, of the Russian invitation, to participate in the preliminary consultative meeting in Moscow with the aim of reaching an understanding on convening a conference for dialogue among Syrians without any foreign interference, comes in harmony with the national and political discourse of Syria since the beginning of the crisis, which is based on that “only political track is the guarantee to reach national and political results” that satisfy Syrians and meet their aspirations.

“When we go to Moscow, we move from the national interest of the Syrian state, which authorizes the government to do its best for the country”, Minister al-Zoubi said, affirming that the first and foremost target of the aggression on Syria is the state as the government used to say from the beginning of the crisis.

The information minister cited that “Moslem Brotherhood” organization was found on violence and didn’t believe in political solution throughout its history, so it’s natural to be against any dialogue or political solution.

On fighting terrorism, Minsiter al-Zoubi made it clear that the adopted methods in fighting terrorism, so far, are not serious, ineffective and not enough since there are some countries pretend, politically, to be fighting terrorism while in fact they are the ones that support and finance terrorism like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and “Israel”.


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