Education Ministry: 110 coronavirus infections registered in Syrian schools within a week

Damascus, SANA- School Health Department at the Education Ministry announced that 110 confirmed cases of Coronavirus were registered in schools in all provinces during the last week.

In a statement to SANA, the Department clarified that at the beginning of the last week, random swabs were taken in Damascus, Tartous, and Damascus Countryside.

The Department said that 110 confirmed cases were recorded in all schools of the country, including 39 in Tartous, 33 in Damascus, and 16 in Damascus countryside.

It confirmed that the infections are treated at home and do not require hospitalization, and there is no death among students or teachers, and the Ministry of Education deals with suspected and confirmed cases according to the approved health protocol, and it follows up the health situation in schools.

It explained that, since the beginning of the increase in Corona infections in the last quarter of last February, the Department intensified the precautionary measures, as wearing the mask was emphasized for the administrative and teaching staff, along with raising students’ awareness to the need to pay attention to personal hygiene and preemptive methods.

According to the Department’s statistics, since the beginning of the second semester so far, 410 infections have been recorded, including 100 among pupils and students, and 310 among teachers and administrators working in the educational sector, out of 1293 swabs taken for suspected cases by epidemiological surveillance teams.

Bushra Dabin /Hala Zain

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