Several QSD militants killed, the militia kidnaps civilians

Deir-Ezzor, SANA -A number of US occupation -backed QSD militants were killed and injured in an attack on one of their gatherings in the vicinity of al-Shuhail town in Deir- Ezzor countryside.

Local sources told SANA that explosions took place near a gathering of QSD militia, followed by heavy bullets fired on the outskirts of al-Shuhail town , east of Deir-Ezzor.

The attack killed and wounded a number of the militia militants and burned their military equipment.

Areas where QSD militia are positioned in Syrian al-Jazeera are witnessing escalation of attacks on their positions and movements.

QSD kidnaps a number of civilians from Hasaka countryside

Meanwhile, the militia kidnapped a number of civilians from villages in Hasaka countryside.

Local sources told SANA that QSD established checkpoints and cut off the main roads in al-Yarubiyah region, then the militia stormed into a number of villages, including Al-Dardara and Abu Manasab and kidnapped a number of civilians, taking them to an unknown place.

The sources noted that more than 50 military vehicles affiliated to the militia circled Tal Hamis town, stormed al-Malko neighborhood and kidnapped 3 civilians from their houses.

The sources noted that QSD militia fired heavy and random bullets during the storming campaign.

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