After hiatus for years, the Russian Cultural Center organizes an exhibition of plastic art and handicrafts

Damascus, SANA-Various forms of creativity have included plastic art and handicrafts at the art exhibition that was inaugurated at the Russian Cultural Center in Damascus on Monday as the first artistic activity after a hiatus of years because of the terrorist war on Syria.

Director of the Russian Cultural Center , Nikolai Sukhov, said in a statement to SANA that the exhibition includes handicrafts, plastic art paintings and Arabic calligraphy created by the Russian community in Syria.
The center director pointed out that the exhibition includes paintings of different sizes, large and small, numbering up to forty, as well as various different handicrafts.

He clarified that the center has reopened Russian language courses, music and dance courses, with the aim of enhancing cultural exchange with the Syrian people, indicating that it will work to expand its activities through conferences such as the translation and Russian language conference held last month, in addition to musical artistic performance.

According to Sukhov, the coming year will witness the expansion of Russian language education in Syria for all ages in Damascus and the provinces for those who wish and those with different specialties, in addition to contributing to the training of Syrian doctors via the Internet through the means of communication at the Russian Cultural Center.


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