US occupation forces bring in convoy of vehicles into al-Rmelan, Hasaka countryside

Hasaka, SANA –  US occupation forces brought in a convoy of vehicles loaded with equipment and logistic supplies to enhance its illegal presence in Syrian territories. The convoy headed for al-Rmelan city in Hasaka countryside in a repeated violation of international laws and charters.

Civil sources told SANA that a convoy consisting of 58 vehicles, trucks, refrigerators, tanks and military vehicles carries accompanied by cars driven by militants of US occupation-backed QSD militia headed for al-Rmelan city.

Over the latest months, the US occupation forces have brought in thousands of trucks loaded with weapons and military and logistic equipment to Hasaka through the illegal crossings to reinforce their illegal presence in Syrian Al-Jazira region, and to steal oil and other resources of the country in cooperation with their agents of QSD militia, armed groups and terrorists who support them in those areas.

Hybah /GH.A.Hassoun

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