Tishreen football team still leads Syrian premier league after beating al-Hurryia

Provinces, SANA-Tishreen football team went ahead in topping the Syrian premier football   league after beating al- Hurryia 3-0 within the fourth round competitions which concluded on Monday.

Meanwhile, al-Jaish beat al-Futuwa 3-0, al-Karama beat Hiteen 1-0 in Homs, al-Tale’a beat al-Etihad 2-0 in Aleppo while al-Wahda tied with Jablah 2-2.

Concluding this round, Tishreen comes first with 12 points, followed by al-Jaish and al-Karama with 10 points each, then al-Wahda comes fourth with 8 points.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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