Global death toll reaches more than 683.000 by coronavirus

Capitals, SANA- More than 683 thousand persons worldwide have died by the novel Coronavirus, while the infections have reached to 18 million since the virus appearance last October.

The Worldometer website which conducts statistics on the infections and deaths of coronavirus around the world announced the number of deaths due to (COVID) 19 disease worldwide reached to 683001, while the number of infected people reached to 17759099 and the recoveries reached to 11161520.

Mexico ranked third in the world behind the US and Brazil in number of death of coronavirus where the Ministry of Health recorded on Saturday 688 new death cases to raise the total number of deaths to 46688, with 8458 confirmed infections bringing the total of infected people to 424638.

While in China, the National Health Committee announced that 45 new coronavirus cases were recorded in the Chinese mainland on Friday, out of which 39 local cases to raise the total number of infections to 84,337 ones without registration of deaths.

Nisreen Othman/Shaza

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