People of Hamo and Kherbet al-Asa’ad villages and army personnel intercept US occupation convoy in Hasaka

Hasaka, SANA – The people of Hamo village in the countryside of Qamishli and members of the Syrian Arab Army intercepted a US occupation forces convoy that had attempted to pass through the village, forcing it to retreat.

Local sources at the village told SANA’s reporter said a convoy of 5 US occupation vehicles was heading to Hamo village, but it was forced to retreat when locals gathered at a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint near the village and prevented the convoy from passing with the help of the army personnel.

The people of Kherbet al-Asa’ad village and members of the Syrian Arab Army intercepted another US occupation forces convoy which was consisted of 3 US occupation armored vehicles and a number of cares affiliated to the Militias of “Qasd,” and forced them to retreat.

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