US occupation steals 60 oil tankers from Syrian al-Jazeera region

Hasaka, SANA- US occupation continued to steal the Syrian resources and transport them from the areas it occupy in Hasaka countryside to its bases in Iraqi territory through illegal crossings.

Civil sources from Yaroubiya countryside near the Iraqi border told SANA reporter that a convoy, consisting of 60 tanker trucks loaded with stolen Syrian oil left Syrian territory towards the occupation bases in northern Iraq via the illegitimate Mahmoudiyah crossing.

The convoy was accompanied by an escort from the occupation forces and the separatist militia of QSD, the sources added.

The US occupation forces-backed QSD militia in the Syrian Al-Jazeera region plunder the national resources and strategic crops, including oil, wheat, and barley within the framework of the systematic occupation policy to restrict Syria and its people.’

Shaza Qreima

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