Cabinet grants Syrian Trading advance of SYP one billion for marketing and procuring olive oil

Damascus, SANA – The Cabinet approved granting the Syrian Trading company a preliminary advance of SYP one billion to support the marketing and procurement of olive oil from farmers in order to make it available in outlets at reasonable prices and in good amounts.

During its weekly session on Sunday chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, the Cabinet also approved an advance of SYP 22.424 billion to the General Establishment of Insurance and Pensions to dispense pensions for retirees for June 2020.

The Cabinet approved employing GPS tracking for public transport vehicles, both those that transport passengers and goods, in order to allocate petroleum products to them according to their mileage and fuel needs.

The Cabinet also approved a strategy for transitioning to the use of natural gas to power gasoline-powered public transport vehicles, beginning with a feasibility study and the proposed mechanism for this strategy.

The Cabinet discussed include the draft law for child protection, and approved the national policy for encryption for protecting information and data on the national and personal levels.

Hazem Sabbagh

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