Cabinet: Directing spending, funds, and loans towards production and development

Damascus, SANA – The Cabinet discussed the economic situation extensively and the necessary steps for bolstering national economy, resources, and production.

In its weekly session chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis on Sunday, the Cabinet decided to direct spending, funds, and loans towards production and development, and to take steps to strengthen the Syrian Pound.

The Cabinet also called on ministries to improve the investment and employment of its assets and properties, set up a new mechanism for contracts, and control governmental purchases, as well as continuing with the plan for reforming the economic establishments of the public sector and focusing resource management on the priorities of industrial and agricultural production.

The Cabinet instructed the Petroleum Ministry to ensure the availability of heating fuel before wonder to prevent any shortages, in addition to approving an increase to the compensation for injured civil defense personnel who have 70-75% disability to SYP 30,000 per month.

The Cabinet set a number of guidelines and basis for ensuring the integrity, efficiency, and impartiality of job interviews at public sector establishments.

Hazem Sabbagh

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