Terrorists sabotage several landmarks of ancient city of Apamea in Hama countryside

Hama, SANA_ Terrorist groups carried out systematic acts of destruction and sabotage against the ancient city of Apamea in Qalaat al-Maddiq area in the northern countryside of Hama.

Before their defeat, the terrorists conducted illegal excavation works, using heavy machinery, with the aim of discovering archaeological treasures and smuggling them to Turkey.

Head of Antiquities and Museums Department in Hama Abdul Qader Farzat tod SANA that the 1850-meter-long Great Colonnade street, which is the main colonnaded avenue of the ancient city of Apamea, the theater, the church and other places witnessed remarkable sabotage.

The avenue had previously included 1200 columns which classified as the most rare and important historical monuments worldwide.

The terrorist groups attacked Apamea national museum located in Qalaat al-Madiq and sabotaged its contents, according to Farzat.

The city’s archaeological columns and the museum of mosaic paintings were vandalized .

He mentioned that the terrorist groups had removed the Corinthian capitals iconic columns from their places in an attempt to move them out of the museum while the mosaic paintings were sabotaged also.

Hama Department of Antiquities will document the acts of vandalism that affected the city and correspond with competent authorities to address the international bodies concerned with the protection of antiquities worldwide to expose the crimes committed against these sites, especially Apamia, which is a UNESCO designated  World Heritage Site, Farzat concluded.



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