Ghosn: Terrorism and occupation are two sides of one coin

Cairo, SANA_ The Secretary-General of the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions, Ghassan Ghosn, confirmed that Syria, which won the evacuation and dismissed the French colonizer from its territory, today is insisting to achieve the second evacuation from its territory through uprooting all the forces of colonialism, occupation, terrorism and their tools and cleaning the Syrian land of the abomination of occupation and terrorism.

Ghosn, in a statement to the SANA correspondent in Cairoon Thursday, stressed that the Golan would only be a Syrian Arab land and would be liberated, and that US President Donald Trump or others have no right to offer land they do not have to anyone.

“What is happening in our region, especially in Syria, is the use of terrorism as a means of pressure to carry out a plot targeting the Arab world in general and Palestine in particular to pass the ominous “deal of the century”, Ghosn said, pointing out that the steadfastness and sacrifices of the Syrian people and its army and the wisdom of its leadership have thwarted the conspiracy against Syria.

“Terrorism is the other side of the occupation…terrorism and occupation are two sides of the same coin represented by the global Zionism,” Ghosn concluded.


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