Syrian students invent mechanical correction device for rib cage abnormalities

Lattakia, SANA-Two students from the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Tishreen University invented a mechanical correction device for rib cage abnormalities.

The project was developed by the students Nada Safi and Ibrahim Darwish and aims at curing the rib cage abnormalities resulting from the appearance of the shear bone towards the front (pectus carinatum).

Speaking to SANA’s Youth Bulletin, the students said that the device is designed for use by people with abnormalities in the thorax where it is corrected according to a mechanism that is very similar to the mechanism of the orthodontic device, as the installation of a circumferential era applies a sustainable force on the area of the protrusion leading the bone to return to its normal state.

For his part, Dean of the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Faculty Dr. Rami Hanna said that the project can be an alternative to serious surgeries of the chest wall and lungs, especially in light of the high prices of parallel imported devices.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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