Mikdad holds talks with top Iranian officials, blasts Western duplicity on terrorism

Tehran, SANA- Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad discussed with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad JavadZarif issues of common interest and the latest developments in politics and on the ground regarding the Syrian arena.

The discussion touched upon means of bolstering bilateral cooperation in political, economic, and strategic levels, stressing the need for continuing consultations and coordination in a way that serves the interests of both countries and their peoples.

Zarif congratulated the Syrian people over the victories achieved against terrorism and the achievement of local reconciliations, adding that Syria’s victory over terrorism is a victory for all the countries in the region and the world in facing this scourge which threatens international peace and security.

For his part, Mikdad reiterated condemnation of the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran, stressing that Syria stands by Iran’s people, government, and leadership in confronting the international pressure exerted by the US and its allies against Iran.

In a statement he gave in Tehran on Monday, Mikdad blasted Gulf regimes and Western countries which claim to be in the anti-terrorism camp, a claim he said is contradicted by their support for terrorism, warning of Western attempts to bypass the UN Security Council within the OPCW and politicize the organization to justify an aggression against Syria.

Mikdad denied Syria’s possession of any chemical weapons, saying it has never used them.

On the other hand, Mikdad saw that Washington’s withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement will create a ‘profound imbalance’ in international relations that cannot be addressed, considering that it ignored the UN role and the logic of consensus governing international relations and played into the hands of the policies of treachery and aggression.

Mikdad praised Iran’s support for Syria in its war against terrorism, considering it, together with that provided by Russia and Hezbullah, a key factor in achieving victory over terrorism, affirming that terrorism which rocks any country in the region is in fact jeopardizing the entire world.

Mikdad clarified that he discussed with Iranian officials the ‘great efforts of Iran and Russia’ during the recent meetings in Geneva, affirming Syria’s ‘absolute trust’ in its allies.

In a similar statement, Senior Assistant to Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari said Mikdad is in Tehran to attend the periodical meetings of the joint political committee, adding that multiple issues were raised during today’ meeting, including the recent field and political developments in Syria.

According to Jaberi Ansari, the meeting was an opportunity to exchange views on the developments related to the committee tasked with discussing the current constitution approved during the inter-Syrian national dialogue congress in Sochi, indicating that Syria and Iran have stood together in the face of terrorism amid continued coordination and consultations.

The Iranian official said no state has the right to interfere in the Syrian affairs or take decisions on behalf of the Syrian people.


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