More civilians killed and injured by Turkish regime’s continued offensive on Afrin area

Aleppo, SANA – The Turkish regime on Tuesday continued its offensive on Afrin area in Aleppo’s northern countryside, killing and injuring more civilians, including children and women.

The Turkish assault on Afrin city for the 25th successive day caused further destruction of the city’s infrastructure and utilities.

Local sources told SANA that Turkish troops and mercenaries from terrorist groups shelled the residential neighborhoods of Afrin city and Afrin hospital, killing one civilian, injuring four others, and causing material damage to the hospital.

The sources added that Turkish troops continued shelling the villages and towns in Jindiris area with various types of weapons, killing two women in the village Hikjeh, in addition to causing huge material damage to the citizen’s houses and agricultural lands.

So far, the Turkish aggression on Afrin area left more than 500 civilians dead or injured and destroyed bread production plants, water pumping stations, and schools, in addition to the displacement of thousands of civilians.

H. Zain/ Hazem Sabbagh

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