Syrian-Egyptian cultural meeting calls for enhancing bilateral cooperation

Cairo, SANA- A Syrian-Egyptian cultural meeting highlighted the deep rooted historic relations binding Syria and Egypt, underlining the importance of enhancing bilateral cooperation and coordination to face the schemes which target the civilization and the culture of the region.

Meeting a number of the Egyptian writers and journalists in Cairo on Monday, Chairman of the Syrian Journalists Union, Mousa Abdul Nour, said that the crisis in Syria targets it as a state and seeks to implement a conspiratorial scheme which has become clear to all.

“Syria has unveiled the scheme and foiled it and today it is entering the stage of rebuilding what has been destroyed by terrorist gangs,” Abdul Nour added.

For his part, Chairman of the Arab Writers’ Union, Nidal al-Saleh ,said that since the first moments of the crisis in Syria, it has been clear that there are persons who adopt the Takfiri mentality and seek to implement division schemes.

Al-Saleh called upon all Arab intellectual to play their role in facing the scheme hatched against the region and to stand in the face of the Takfiri mentality.

Participants in the meeting stressed that the conspiracy was hatched against Syria because it stands in the face of the Zionist entity and its schemes and it is a cornerstone of the pan-Arab project.

They clarified that Syria is the shield that has foiled all the division schemes which the major states are trying to implement to serve the Zionist entity, and today Syria is foiling these schemes thanks to the awareness of its people and their steadfastness.

R. Jazaeri/Ghossoun

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