Member of House of Lords Baroness Cox calls on UK to reopen its embassy in Damascus

London, SANA- Member of the British House of Lords, Baroness Cox, called on Thursday for reopening the British Embassy in Damascus.

“I think if Britain reopens an embassy in Damascus then we will get first-hand information rather than relying on information coming in from other sources, such as those in Turkey. So that is another recommendation which we make very strongly to the British government,” Cox said during an interview with Sputnik news agency.

She pointed out that the British foreign policy has been committed to change the government in Syria through financing the so called “moderate opposition” which is not exist, adding that such policy “would just lead to another catastrophe like Libya or Iraq. So that is the first concern that I raise quite often in the British Parliament.”

“The funding that the British government has been giving to opposition groups and as we highlighted again there are no moderate armed opposition groups left so that is really just prolonging the war, prolonging the suffering of Syrian people,” she said, adding that several reports have confirmed that the British government used the British taxpayer’s money to fund terrorist groups.

“The concern which has been raised wherever we went is the very devastating effect of sanctions (Western sanctions imposed on Syria) on people which makes it very hard for them to get the medical supplies they need, the food they need and other things they need to begin rebuilding their land as they hope for the war to finish in the not too distant future,” she said, affirming that the UK government has to respect the right of the people of Syria to choose their own future.

Cox added that the meetings in Astana and the upcoming meeting in Sochi are very important to help the Syrian people move forward in deciding their future and rebuilding their country.

She also noted Russia’s support for Syria in its war against Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization and called on the British government to hold a dialogue with Russia on the means to resolve the crisis in Syria and adopt a closer stand for the benefit of the Syrian people.

Manar al-Freih

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