Cabinet approves bill on law for issuing travel documents

Damascus, SANA – The Cabinet approved a bill on the law for issuing travel documents, fees for issuing them, how to use them, and penalties and fines for breaking this law, in addition to a bill on setting the USD price in the state general budget for the 2015 fiscal year at SYP 150, and a bill on amending the decree for establishing Al-Assad Academy for Military Engineering.

Chairing the Cabinet session on Tuesday, Prime Minister Warl al-Halaqi said that the new government must work as a team to realize the directives provided by President Bashar al-Assad, stressing the need to devise programs to overcome the shortcomings of the previous stage and work to establish strong basis to improve citizens’ conditions, enhance the capabilities of the state and the army, and achieve security and stability.


Al-Halaqi underlined the importance of boosting partnership with citizens and listening to their ideas and concerns, in addition to the need to strengthen national economy and social development, carry out task reform, develop the public industrial sectors, amend laws and legislations, and carry out administrative reforms.

He also stressed the need to eliminate corruption, appoint the right person for each administrative post, and limit government expenditures.

The Premier tasked the Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Ministry with taking new steps to monitor markets and prices, combat monopolies, curb crisis profiteering, and ensure the availability of goods.

Al-Halaqi also emphasized the government’s care for the agricultural sector, economic cooperation with friendly countries, looking after the families of martyrs, dealing with relief issues, compensating people affected by the crisis, in addition to underlining the government’s efforts in the field of national reconciliation.

The Cabinet discussed a number of issues during this session, including its statement which will be delivered at the People’s Assembly on September 21st.

Hazem Sabbagh

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