People’s Assembly: Iraq’s unity is sacred

Damascus, SANA – The People’s Assembly affirmed the need to maintain Iraq’s territorial integrity and preserve the unity of its brotherly people with all its components, voicing its rejection of any attempt to separate any part of Iraq’s land.

In a statement on Wednesday, the People’s Assembly stressed the necessity to confront the Zionist-American plot that tries to undermine the achievements made by Syria and Iraq in the course of eradicating terrorism and assert the “sacredness” of Iraq’s unity.

The Assembly said maintaining the unity of the Arab nation with all its countries is the responsibility of all because the alternative would be the “threat of fragmentation” that will affect everyone, including the Arab regimes that are implementing the enemy’s plots.

Officials of the north Iraq region insisted on holding a referendum on the secession of the region, flouting regional and international warnings against the consequences of this referendum on the efforts to combat terrorism and on the unity and sovereignty of Iraq. Said

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