Parliament Deputy Speaker meets Jordanian delegation

Damascus, SANA – Chairing a Jordanian delegation on a visit to Syria, the Assistant Secretary General of the Union of Arab Lawyers Samih Khreis stressed that everyone knows today that the conspiracy and the global war targets the Arab nation from the Syrian gate.

Khreis’s remarks came during a meeting with Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly Najdat Anzour, he hailed the wisdom and leadership of President Bashar al-Assad and said “I think he will come up declaring victory, and then not only the Arab street, but also the whole world will know the reality of what happened since the first day of the crisis, and that what he said about Syria facing terrorism has been morally and legally proven. ”

Khreis pointed out that the signs of victory have emerged and the plan against Syria, which is the front line of defense of the nation, has failed.

For his part, Anzour, highlighted the importance of the delegation’s visit to learn about the reality of what is happening on the ground in Syria, stressing that the cooperation between the parliaments of both countries and with the free and honorable people in the world is very important to build a brighter future for Syria.

Members of the delegation stressed that the only way to liberate Palestine from the Israeli occupation is through resistance and standing by Syria as it is “the state of resistance.”

They considered that what is happening in Syria is not an internal affair, but it concerns all the Arab countries because the plan against Syria aims at fragmenting the Arab countries to serve the interests of the Israeli entity.

The delegation includes members of the Arab Lawyers Union, university professors, former MPs, media and political figures.

H. Ali/H. Said

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