Kazakh Foreign Ministry: Joint working group of guarantor countries will meet in Astana on July 3

Astana, SANA- Kazakh Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that the guarantors countries for Cessation of Hostilities Agreement will convene a joint working group session on July 3 , ahead of the July 4-5 talks.

Sputnik quoted the Kazakh Foreign Ministry as saying in statement that the guarantor countries will work to implement provisions of memorandum on de-escalation zones during Astana talks next week.

“In particular, the parties will work to harmonize the borders and maps of de-escalation zones, documents regulating the activities of de-escalation control forces, the provisions on a coordination center,” the ministry said.

“The parties plan to work out a joint statement on the humanitarian mine-clearing of the historical sites in Syria included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list,” the ministry added in a statement .


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