Zakharova: Western states’ refusal to condemn terrorist attacks in Damascus indicates their unwillingness to take effective counterterrorism measures

Moscow, SANA – Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed that western states’ refusal to condemn the recent terror attacks in Damascus indicates their unwillingness to take effective steps to combat terrorism.

Zakharova, at her weekly press conference held Thursday, noted that the refusal to condemn terrorist attacks which hit Damascus in March and their secrecy over these bloody acts as well as facts related to the ISIS’ use of chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq stresses that they do not have desire to take effective measures to deter terrorist threat.

She pointed out to the continued supply of weapons, ammunitions, funds and recruiters to terrorists, adding that the terrorist attacks in Damascus and the countryside of Hama stresses that the fight against terrorism should remain a priority on the agenda of Syrian talks in Geneva.

On Geneva talks, Zakharova said that the agenda includes issues related to a confidential non-sectarian system of governance, setting up a new constitution and holding elections according to this constitution and combating terrorism, indicating that any resolutions to be implemented in this context should be acceptable and agreed on by the Syrian people themselves.

She said that Russia welcomes Damascus’ determination to achieve practical outcomes during this round of Geneva talks, expressing hope that the Syrian opposition representatives will show potentials to reach an accord and restore peace and security to the country.

Zakharova said that there are parties which are not pleased with the progress made regarding the activation of the Syrian political process, adding that several attempts to hinder this track were registered as some opposition representatives set preconditions to negotiate.

The fifth round of the Syrian-Syrian talks is scheduled to start on Friday with the participation of the Syrian Arab Republic delegation and delegations from the opposition.



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