Syrian students in Spain thank Russia for its support in combating terrorism

Barcelona, SANA- The Syrian Students National Union “NUSS”-Spain Branch on Sunday organized a stand outside the Russian Consulate in Barcelona City in appreciation of Russia’s stances in support of Syria in its war against the terrorist organizations.

The stand was held in coordination with the Syrian Embassy in Madrid, the Committee of the Syrian Expatriates in Europe and the “Anti-Imperialism” Committee.

Members of the Syrian and Russian communities in Barcelona and representatives of the Union of the Syrian Expatriates in Europe and of the Anti-Imperialism Committee participated in the stand, in addition to a number of the Syrian students.

The participants raised Syrian and Russian flags and photos of President Bashar al-Assad, chanting slogans in support of the Syrian Arab Army.

Head of NUSS Brach in Spain Wafaa Kan’an expressed, on behalf of the Syrian students studying in Spain, heartfelt thanks to the Russian leadership, people, and government for their political and military support and the efforts they exert to preserve Syria’s unity.

For his part, Member of the Committee of the Syrian Expatriates in Europe Manuel Serkis referred to Syria’s resistant role in the face of the Zionist enemy over long years.

He indicated that the Takfiri terrorist organizations have suffered heavy losses thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army assisted by the Russian Air Force.

R.J/ Barry

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