Syrian Armed forces mark 77th anniversary of founding Syrian Arab Army

Damascus, SANA- Syrian armed forces on Monday marked the 77th of founding the Syrian Arab Army, as military and sport parades were held among the formations and military colleges where hero soldiers showed high skills of the courageous Syrian Arab combatants.

The military commanders delivered speeches in which they stressed that the anniversary is a motive to offer more and more in defense of the homeland, underscoring that the army, personnel and officers, are able to achieve victory at any time or in any place whatsoever and they are ready to clear the entire of their land from terrorism and occupation.

The commanders concluded their speech pledging Syria’s leader, President Bashar al-Assad, people and homeland to exert tireless efforts and sacrifices in defense of the homeland’s dignity, sovereignty and independence.

They visited the martyrs’ cemeteries and put wreaths on the martyrs’ tombs.

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