Ukraine forces shell Novaya Kakhovka, including area of hydroelectric power station

Donetsk, SANA-The Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled Novaya Kakhovka, including the area of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, head of the local military-civilian administration Vladimir Leontiev told TASS.

“Once again [the Armed Forces] shelled not only the hydroelectric power station, but also the city. There was a fire near the city, the grass was burning,” he said.

Leontiev noted that there were no significant injuries as a result of the shelling. “The hydroelectric power station is fully operational,” he added.

Kherson region is located in the south of Ukraine, bordering with the Republic of Crimea. In mid-March, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the region was under the complete control of Russian troops.

The local authorities declared their desire to join the Russian Federation. The Ukrainian military has been regularly shelling settlements in the Kherson region after the region got out of Kiev’s control.

Mazen Eyon


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