Former Indian Ambassador: despite siege, Syrian state continues to provide services to citizens

New Delhi, SANA- Former Indian Ambassador in Damascus Man Mohan Bhanot, has stressed that despite terrorism, the siege and the unjust unilateral coercive measures, the Syrian state institutions have continued to carry out their responsibilities towards the citizens and continued to provide educational and medical services to them free of charge.

In an article published by the Indian Financial Express Newspaper on Thursday, Bhanot talked about his three-year stay in Syria during the terrorist war waged against it, noting that the Syrian people have the right to be proud of their ancient history and that their country is the cradle of civilizations.

Bhanot said that “I found the Syrians as proud of their history as we are, and they are right in their belief that their country is the cradle of civilization,” highlighting the incredible coexistence conditions that the Syrian society enjoys.

Bhanot added that Syria preserves large quantities of ancient treasures in its various historical sites.

Nisreen Othman/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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